Welcome to Jan Tervoort Studios & JCT Gallery

JCT gallery is showing the newest works of selected artists at

the AAF Amsterdam 2 nov. to 4 nov. 2017, 2018 and 2019 and

Copenhagen, AAF Hamburg, AAF Brussel and AAF Stockholm 2019.



Camouflage 1 by Jan Tervoort 110 x 140 cm




White in Black in a black wooden frame 1 by Jan Tervoort. Size 85 x 120 cm



From the serie Close size 30 x 50 cm



Title: Close A

Price: 450,- euro

Size: 30 x 50 cm

Print on panel with two wooden pieces of artwork (10 x 10 cm) in front of the eyes

The panel is finished with a 2 mm high gloss epoxy. On the backside is a aluminium frame for direct hanging on the waal


The worldfamous photographer Martin Schoeller made the portraits of famous

and unknown people. I transformed the book into a serie of 40 unique artpieces.