Welcome to Jan Tervoort Studios & JCT Gallery

JCT gallery is showing, next to the works of Jan Tervoort, the newest works of art 

of a 3 to 5 selected artists. 

We are participating in several Art Fairs such as the AAF Amsterdam,

Copenhagen, New York, London, Hamburg, Brussel and Stockholm .




In development




LEFT OVER 220 x 120 cm (sold)


Wind of Change 110 x 220 cm

No title (sold)



LIMES 30 x 20 cm



LImes 2 50 x 50 cm




Through the curtains 70 x 100 cm



Camouflage 1  110 x 140 cm (sold)




White in Black Size 85 x 120 cm



Proppen Project (sold)



Proppen Project (sold)



Waves 6 70 x 110 cm (sold in frame)