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The Netherlands




Dutch artist Jan Tervoort will be in China in the year 2020 as a participant in an artproject of 5 years organized by Huayi Brothers.

The atelier of Jan Tervoort in Edam the Netherlands.


Jan Tervoort is the Dutch artist who was born in 1955 in Castricum The Netherlands and who is the founder of Floatism. He officialy began his career as a full time artist almost 25 years ago on the age of 42. 

Here we give you access to some of his works ranging from his polyurethane reliefs on aluminium to his layered epoxy's including the wooden tiles created from his early works. As an experimental and a very productive artist he made thousands of works to develop the style that he calls Floatism.
The beginning:
Fascinated by Impressionism he started to cast impressions of people. His only tool were coffeecups.  "People of the Labyrinth" was the beginning of Floatism. Tervoort had pioneered an approach to painting that gave him what he was searching for; the excitement of an uncontrolled process. Casting to him, became the purest dialog between material and human being.
His time in Bali, were he worked with Balinese artists for almost10 years, fundamentally influenced him as a human being. "I realized it later that the artist in me came out in my admiration for these skilled and creative workers. Suddenly everything seemed possible".
Altough most works of "People of the Labyrinth" were sold, he could hardly pay all his bills. One day he decides to borrow a sawingmachine from a friend to saw all his experiments and finished works into pieces of 10 x 10 cm.  From that moment on he decides to go back to were he started; drawings.
Soon after that decision gallerists sold his works at solo- and group exhibitions. He was asked to exhibit his works at shows from famous interior designers and architects and sold some hugh lineworks to multinationals. He sells his works on Artfairs and through Dutch and foreign gallery's and of course through his international art agent. He was a participant in the Amsterdam Light Festival. 
In januari 2018 he was asked by Huayi Brothers (Huayi Media); the largest film, culture and artcompany in China, to join an immense artproject in 2020 that will promote his works all over China. He is now (Marz 2018) working on a project; "Waves come and go"
Waves: sized 75 x 110 cm now for sale (ask for the powerpoint of Waves!)