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The Netherlands

An overview of the latest works. Framed pieces are sold

I am Dutch! I am driven to create authentic works of art that are close to my hart.

I know my soul is connected with yours because we are all connected.

Now, at this moment our connection is stronger than ever before.

So please use this moment to take a closer look at your hart and experience

that at least one of my works is ment to be yours.


Take a choice and feel! You will know what to do.


Spending money on true art is like falling in love.

It will give you that butterfly feeling.

That’s the main reason why I switched to abstract art.

Because its so open, so free and so full of imagination.


I want my art to last for ever.

That’s why its layered.

To me the unseen is even more important than the seen.

To me their people. Canvaspeople! Soulconnectors! A bit of you and a bit me.


We are all unique and we are all equal.

There’s no better way to express that than through art.

I hope my art will be true art for you and the people around you.

I wish it will be an everyday reflection of your greatness.


Life is about now. About today.

The influence of the future now is hugh.

We do not create our future on our own.

The future creates.

My target now is to be part of your future. A great life!



Made in Singapore for Eyemage gallery Size 140 x 190 cm Mixed media on canvas

Size 120 x 120 cm - Layered Acrylic paint on Dibond






Size 100 x 200 cm - Acrylic paint on Dibond

Size 100 x 200 cm - Acrylic paint on Layered epoxy on Dibond


Size 100 x 200 cm - Acrylic paint on pigments in epoxy on Dibond